B.Sc Radiology

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About This Course

B.Sc Radiology is a three-year degree course. Radiology involves scanning, taking pictures of the body to diagnose various diseases. The course programme is designed to teach students the different methods of radiographic imaging and extract useful information about a patient. Candidates wishing to pursue a B.Sc.degree in the field of radiology should have cleared Class 12 in the science stream. Admissions to top colleges and universities are done through the entrance examinations followed by group discussions and interviews. Students can also pursue higher studies such as M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D. in the same field. The Radiology course opens up ample job opportunities for the graduates like radiographer, radiology technician, medical image analyst, assistant radiologist, and several others.

Learning Objectives

The course provides the students with specialized knowledge in the field of Radiography. B.Sc Radiology trains students to diagnose and extract useful information about the patient. The Radiology graduates can find employment opportunities in many areas like government, private, nursing homes, cancer treatment laboratories, and many more. Students can also continue by doing their higher studies in the same field which will further enhance their academic background.


  • In order to pursue B.Sc in Radiology, students must possess certain skills that are essential for them to understand radiology better. The aspirants should have the medical knowledge plus organizational, problem-solving skills to understand and explain a patient’s medical problem or symptom through images of the inside of the body.

Target Audience

  • 10+2 in Science Stream


1 Lesson75h 57m 45s

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy
First quiz
My second quiz

Physiology and Pathology

Physiology and Pathology

Radiography Equipment

Radiography Equipment

X-Ray: Introduction and Properties

X-Ray: Introduction and Properties

Contrast Radiography Process

Contrast Radiography Process
Duration 76 hours
1 lecture

Material Includes

  • Tutorial Booklets
  • Instruction Videos