Radio Diagnosis

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About This Course

Radio diagnosis is a process that is used to create images of the human body or parts and also the function thereof for clinical purposes that also includes the study of normal anatomy and physiology.
Radio diagnosis course gives the individual an in-depth knowledge of how the field is vast and how the subjects in this field are covered thoroughly.
Candidates who have a keen interest and the willingness to learn about radiation and ultrasound should pursue this course and make a career in Radio diagnosis field. The individual needs to study the subjects thoroughly to get better at it.
After pursuing Radio diagnosis course, students may get the jobs as the lead medical image analyst, medical advisor, and radiographer. Students can pursue this course of Radio diagnosis as a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree according to their preference.

Learning Objectives

course in radio diagnosis provides the individual with a varied plan of study in the field and also technical support knowledge. Individuals need to study a balanced curriculum to prepare them for advancement in multiple careers.
If we specifically look at Radio Diagnosis , then the scope of this course is good in all aspects. It is one such branch of medical science that is continuously in great demand for the diagnosis of diseases. It is a field where doctors can detect a problem inside the human's body.
Also, the technology is updating with each passing day, this field of Radio diagnosis has emerged as one of the most successful fields.


  • The eligibility criteria to pursue any course in Radio diagnosis is a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in HSC.

Target Audience

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4 Lessons90h 18m 30s

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Equipment of Radio Diagnosis

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