The Best 8 Help Desk Certifications in 2020


The Best 8 Help Desk Certifications in 2020

To attack or defend any technology, you have to first learn how this technology works. Rewarding IT careers often begin on the help desk and the support field is booming at the moment. Many businesses are continuing to expand their operations and need to invest in technology in order to support this growth. The IT help desk job market is expected to continue to be on the rise in the coming years. An IT help desk engineer can expect to earn something between $55,000-$65,000 annually. At FieldEngineer, we vet all our IT help desk engineers according to skills and certifications, ensuring we find you the right person for the job.

  • You’ll need to be an expert in certain software packages and have strong IT skills.
  • We hope your team can take these certification recommendations and achieve these possibilities.
  • There are also courses that train you to run an IT help desk from a local or remote location.
  • If there isn’t a training nearby, you can self-study for the final exam using the ITIL Foundation book, offered both online and in hard copy.
  • You would also be able to configure and troubleshoot systems and can also do basic networking.
  • They also have IT training classes that can teach you about the hardware behind 3D printing.

CompTIA is an online training provider offering an array of career-building training programs. Its CompTIA A+ course is designed to teach participants the basic skills they’ll need for an IT or customer service career. This includes a breakdown of the help desk tools they can expect to see when working in a support role. FieldEngineer can provide your business with a certified IT help desk engineer. IT help desk certifications mainly include college courses or apprenticeships.

What’s it like to earn this degree online?

CompTIA A+ is an excellent entry-level certification for those entering the IT help-desk and hardware support professions. More than 1 million people have earned this credential, and its popularity with IT professionals and employers remains high. Some organizations staff help-desk positions to meet support requirements for specific vendor products, help desk engineer platforms, and tools. Others want team members with an excellent general technical background and an understanding of IT operations, practices and procedures. We’ll highlight help-desk certifications that fit both categories while also considering employer preferences and specific in-demand career skills these certifications help verify.

Cybrary provides free IT courses on Systems Administration covering most in-demand skills for the role of systems administrator. These IT support certification courses are suitable even for learners who do not wish to take the CompTIA certification exam, but just looking to learn about the basics of IT and computers. They can get a robust IT foundational knowledge in a way that’s easy-to-understand. CompTIAA+ is an excellent certification to qualify for an entry-level position in this industry. So far, around 1 million professionals have earned the certification, and it’s also useful for help desk and hardware support professionals. CompTIAA+ can provide professionals with the foundation for pursuing a wide range of fields.


He has authored several popular bestselling PC books and videos, and has taught over 2 million people including U.S. senators, U.S. Supreme Court Justices, members of the United Nation, every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, many branches of the Department of Justice, hundreds of corporate clients and academic students at every level. This IT help desk certification course helps learners to build an IT career path from a solid ground by teaching them the foundational skills needed to lead a successful career in IT. Paul is an IT Professional with over 11 years of experience currently working with various Federal Agencies in the United States as a Network Administrator. Omar is a Computer Science graduate with several certificates from Cisco (CCNA, CCNA-Voice, CCNA-Wireless, CCNP) & Microsoft (MCSA & MCP).

  • It is suitable for fresh graduates entering the support field or current IT help desk technicians looking to expand their knowledge.
  • You can learn to successfully protect a computer network and gain useful skills in risk management, cybersecurity, and cryptography with Alison’s free online Network and Security courses.
  • The certification program conforms to existing international quality standards such as the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).
  • You have to be patient with customers as they come to keep them calm and solve their pain points.
  • All of our courses are taught by individuals who have already achieved the certification being offered.

There are also courses that train you to run an IT help desk from a local or remote location. LinkedIn Learning is another great platform for job seekers wishing to venture into the field of technical support and customer service or anybody seeking to strengthen their overall technical skills. There is a list of courses available that serve as a solid starting point to learn how to respond to common help-desk requests, perform desktop or IT support, and triage and solve issues in record time. As one of the more affordable options on this list at only $49 per month, Google offers an IT Support course teaching the fundamentals of customer support to those who might not have a background in customer service. This online course is great for those just starting their careers and learning how to properly troubleshoot more complex technical issues. The training includes interactive labs and reviewable assessments that help users understand universal troubleshooting steps.

Beyond the top 5 help desk certifications

You took the initiative and installed a help desk software for your customer service team, but like any new business tool, employees need to learn basic help desk skills before they put it into practice. They support today’s core technologies from security to cloud to data management and more. There are a list of courses that cover administration of Office 365 for businesses as well as security and troubleshooting in Office 365. Also there are courses to prepare for clearing CompTIA certification exams. You can learn to successfully protect a computer network and gain useful skills in risk management, cybersecurity, and cryptography with Alison’s free online Network and Security courses. They have computer networking classes that teach about LANs and WANs as well as introduce the network architecture and protocols used in security.

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